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Our service centre

Service Center of  company - is first of all a collective of certified engineers, professionally involved repair and servicing of computer and office equipment for more than 10 years on the market. Engineering firms have certificates evidencing receipt of all the necessary knowledge to repair technology in full, which ensures accurate operational Customer diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques, starting with the first set to Ukraine apparatus and finishing with the latest models. Service Center of company is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the diagnosis and repair of office equipment and optimization. In his work, engineers are using only original spare parts and supplies from the manufacturer. Service Center of company guarantees of 1 to 3 years at the company supplied equipment. Customer Guarantee gives assurance that it will not be problems in locating the plant marriage or failure of the fast-wearing parts are not equipment. Any other work on the planned replacement parts are part of the paid service and the Customer separately. Service Center of “TONER CENTER” company offers various forms of service, convenience customers including occasional visits to the application and contracting for the service that the customer more profitable. Service Center of “TONER CENTER” company conducts maintenance, repair, refueling cartridges, and provides advice on the selection and maintenance of equipment.

Service of copy technics and printers

Copiers and printers - are devices combining an electronic device, mechanical assemblies and components. Like any mechanical device, the equipment requires periodic maintenance on-stream

Conditions of guarantee support.

Why service is necessary?

Customer service is necessary for the smooth operation of the equipment and simple deletion. Unfortunately, in most cases of service as it is intended only to the consumer after the release of an apparatus or with his work as unsatisfactory. In order to save customers from having to remember a resource details, the more that the quality of the device depends on several factors exploitation (dusty space, use abrasion supplies, peak loads, etc.) company offers various services technology. Service and exists to support the working time machine, sparing the need for the customer to remember resource.

Service includes some the basic concepts:

- Diagnostics

- Preventive maintenance

- Adjustment

- Repair

Single service includes: diagnostics, prevention, setting machines without having to perform repair work for the replacement of spare parts and consumables. If one has service of a specialist service centre discovered defects that require the replacement of spare parts is in agreement with the client repaired, the value of which is a once-sales service and spare parts. On-off service, as a rule, is not a contract, and payment is made at prices prevailing by company.

Service under the simple contract includes: diagnostics, prevention, setting, and repairs without taking into account the value of spare parts and consumables. Engineer leave to you on short notice as many times as needed for the smooth and performance apparatus. Time departure engineer and service conditions, the value of the work specified in the service contract. Spare parts and supplies were purchased on the recommendation of the Customer Service Center as required by individual accounts.

Full service  on the number of copies includes the delivery and installation of equipment, training of users, prompt supply of spare parts and supplies, planned adjustment of equipment, engineers call in the event of a failure at the maximum short response time and other services through the service center. The agreement is limited to the number of copies made apparatus. Typically, the number of copies of this date nor life apparatus, which includes producer.

Full service not only provides a reliable work of your office equipment, but also is beneficial to your business as a whole:

- Budget planning;

- Reduced overhead costs;

- Improve control copying;

- The convenient schedule of service;

- Updatings

Budget planning

Full service contract allows you to plan funds for the maintenance of office equipment.


The agreement provides for the replacement of spare parts and consumables, so you know the cost of the equipment.


You deliver from unpleasant surprises.


You do not have to pay for an expensive piece when you least expect this.


We provide convenient payment terms on a foundation "you pay as much as copying." That means no prepayment, and the calculation of the end of the month for the amount of copying actually manufactured in accordance with the price copies.


Reducing overhead costs.

Contract rates are constant and do not change depending on the number of calls, or materials.


Cost of the full contract is considerably lower than the value of its individual components (spare parts, consumables, service engineers visits taken together).


Your administration has not spent time on the design of current accounts.


New parts installed without delay, as there is no need to obtain permission to buy every detail.


You don't need to expect the transfer of funds.

Improvement of the control of copying.

You learn more about car loading, and it allows to supervise document circulation of your company.

The convenient schedule of service.

According to your desire the maintenance service schedule can be made so that to reduce to a minimum a car idle time. It will allow you not to interrupt working process.


The contract provides regular updating of software of the equipment. Your device will be always equipped at the same level, as new.

To receive more detailed information on conditions of maintenance service and answers to all interesting questions, you can, having called by in our company to phone: (044) 4981175 (multichannel)

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